The Need for Actionable Business Intelligence

Business information, when applied properly, is actionable and impactful.

The COVID-19 recovery has shown the importance of using data to drive critical decisions in healthcare, policy, and at the national, local, and state levels for testing.

When used correctly, data can be a powerful tool to assist companies in making decisions that affect their bottom lines and provide actionable, meaningful transformations on the basis of critical data.

What is Business Intelligence and Why is it Important?

With the right information, you don’t have to guess about anything when it comes to your business, its operations, and its stakeholders and clients. That’s why business intelligence matters.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is the strategies, technologies, and tools an organization can use to gather and access data and information for analysis. This business information comes from analytics, measuring all spheres of a company and applicable to those same areas. Business intelligence can be found, and applied, in areas like sales, marketing, finance, and human resources, as an example.

Some business intelligence is fairly easy to access. The details found in annual reports and overall industry trends can give you insight into what drives consumer behavior. Other data will take some in-house analyzing, such as your own employee productivity and performance, staff satisfaction, business financial health, conversion rates, web traffic, and so on.

Business Intelligence Software

The great thing about business intelligence software is how it automates business intelligence gathering and analysis. You may already be collecting business data, but if you are doing it manually or semi-manually, you will be amazed at how much more productive and effective your company can be when you switch to a software solution.

Without a system for business intelligence collection and analysis in place, data from places like emails, marketing material, and memos could disappear without being factored into business operations. Business intelligence software collects this information and processes it in various ways.

Analytics from business intelligence can be used to create performance metrics and benchmark internally as well as in comparison to competitors or other industry organizations. The data can be used to predict and forecast future failures or triumphs, or in predictive modeling to plan a way to stick with the triumphs and avoid the failures. All of this goes much faster, and is much more accurate, with the right software in place.

Why is Business Intelligence Important?

We’ve discussed a few of the ways business intelligence can be used, and how that will benefit the business. But there’s more.

Business intelligence strengthens the accuracy of your goals, plans, and strategies. When you have historic data in place, the projections you make are usually a lot closer to the real-life end result than if you are guessing. With business intelligence, you can rest assured that your goals will be much more likely to become reality, and if something goes off course, you have the data to show you exactly why that happened so it doesn’t occur again.

The insight business intelligence gives your organization into consumer behavior is unparalleled. You can, again, predict what your customers are going to want, what they’re going to want to pay, and how they’re going to want to access these products or services, with a high degree of accuracy.

As you market, you can analyze campaigns with business intelligence, looking at what part of your advertising and marketing is working, and what needs to be changed or scrapped. You will make the most of your investments while developing products and services that truly suit your customers’ needs, without having to ask them outright what they want. That gives your organization a vital competitive edge.

By gaining access to this data, your organization can identify the trends and patterns that inform every decision you make with accuracy. Business information, when applied properly, is actionable and impactful. Knowledge is power!

Business Information and Your Organization

Business information is there and ready to be used, but of course, your organization has to know how to use it. If you are creating and accessing all kinds of data, you need to be analyzing it. And, if you are analyzing this information you need to know how to put those analytics into action, to strategize and forecast, and adjust your business operations as needed.

Because of this, it’s important to note that business information is a key part of your company, but your organization’s ability to parse that information is perhaps even more important.

CloudSkope’s team of experts can help your organization leverage your business information, whether you have already started collecting and analyzing and need help strategizing, or if you are at the very beginning and are looking for a way to jump into the world of business information.

We are trained and skilled in this area and will look at your organization, the information it has at hand, the solutions and technology that could be used to better your information collection and analysis, and the things you can do with the business information you gain. Contact us today online, or call us at 1-214-617-2080.

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