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Cloudskope Stabilizes Network Performance and Enhances Network Security for Saltbox, Inc.

Saltbox achieves network reliability and security with help from Cloudskope.

Image Credits: Saltbox

Despite 5 different IT companies and vendors being involved, Salbox's network performance and security posture were unreliable and at times unusable. Salbox customers were not getting the user experience they needed from their infrastrucutre, and multiple vendors, including the ISP were pointing fingers at each other.


CloudSkope’s network team ran comprehensive packet level analysis over several days and identified the issues contributing to the instability. Working with the vendors and ISP, and aided by comprehensive logs, the team redesigned and reconfigured the network, while holding the ISP and last-mile providers accountable to their SLA's.


Today, the redisigned solution put in place by CloudSkope provides Saltbox and its tenants a 99.999% reliablity SLA. In addition, network performance has drastically improved from 55% previously. In addition, all traffic is well segmented and monitored by 24/7 monitoring and response, giving the operations team peace of mind and a stellar user experience.