CloudSkope is a full-service consulting firm in Dallas, Texas.  


Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging industry leaders.

We deliver risk advisory, global security, technology, and digital services to clients throughout the country and around the globe. We offer numerous industry-specific practices, world-class resources, and an unparalleled commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. 

  • Unparalleled partner-involvement 

  • Deep industry knowledge and participation

  • Geographic coverage across the U.S.

  • Cohesive global network 

  • Focused capabilities across disciplines

From the C-suite to the engineering desk, we partner with our clients to help transform their companies and businesses in ways that enable efficiency, increase ROI, and deliver value to internal and external stakeholders.


Through a combination of strategic guidance, carefully guided advisory services, and meticulous execution, we help clients understand and implement the next generation of risk and technological innovations.  

Expertise backed by decades of global experience allows us to bring together a variety of skillsets, nuanced advice, and the ability to anticipate a client's needs better than they can.  This takes a lot more than consulting.   


What We Believe

We believe that projects are like icebergs.  What the client asks for on the statement of work, is only part of the story — the tactical part.  The remaining context and the large part of the iceberg beneath the surface is the strategic part and its alignment to the business as an enabling piece.  

Therefore, it is normal for us to first ask the executive team what their objectives are beyond the current pain-points.

Values That Define Us

In today‘s marketplace, the rules of business are rapidly changing. We believe our daily values must remain steady and consistent, regardless of circumstances. Our values are the building blocks of our culture and the basis for everything we do at CloudSkope.

Black and White Building


We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine with everyone we meet.


We are committed to energize, engage and inspire others. 


We strive to show deep respect for each other and our customers.


Great is just not good enough for us.  We aim to exceed in everything we do


Our Journey

CloudSkope was founded with the understanding that as modern technology becomes more complex, the business will need specialized expertise to help them manage technology and cybersecurity.


In order to compete, companies need to focus on their core business, rather than take on the added responsibility of having to manage IT, vendors, phones, internet, software, and the daily help desk issues that come with technology.  IT Managed Services is the natural solution to this problem, and IT Managed Services and Cybersecurity is our business. 


The Managed Services Space is pretty crowded- and the services MSP's provide are about the same- all things considered. 


There are a few firms, however, that comes from a deep background in helping build and scale some of the world's most recognizable brands and multi-billion dollar companies.  The Veterans that understand the nuances of business, technology, customer experience, and the concept of "right-sizing." 


CloudSkope is one of those firms. 


Our team of IT and network engineers, project managers, and executives have worked in the silicon valley for decades and can help you navigate the most daunting of challenges your business may face.   


We believe a firm is only a sum of its parts- the people, the process, and the technologies they support. 



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Technology Consulting


Strategic Business Consutling

Risk Management

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Consulting you can count on.  Solutions you can trust.

Engineers, strategists, advisors focused on people, above all else.

Cloudskope partners with business leaders to understand their most significant challenges and design innovative solutions to turn them into opportunities.  

We are a people-centric modern consulting firm focused on risk, strategy, technology, and business transformation.