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Managed IT Services (MSP)

All-inclusive IT services for a fixed monthly fee. You’ll get unlimited tech support, network monitoring and maintenance, software updates, and much more, so there’ll be no surprise charges.

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Managed Detection (MSSP)

We deliver around-the-clock security event and device health monitoring, management of upgrades, patching, policy auditing, and threat protection to help keep your environment safe.

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Managed Network Services

We help clients outsource the management of their networks worldwide, and help ensure your network is reliable, up to date, secure and operating at the speed of your organization.

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Managed Disaster Recovery & Backup

Cloudskope provides robust data backup and recovery solutions to ensure business continuity

Managed VoIP, UCS

Reduce cost, modernize to unified communications and collaboration, by embracing cloud solutions.

Managed microsoft Office 365

Get the right Office 365 package for each user, delivered with efficiency and accessibility. Managed Office 365 lets you coordinate Office solutions across complex hybrid IT environments – and ease the burden of maintenance and support.

Managed IT support Services

The best services don't have be A-la-Carte.  We'll handle your vendors, servers, desktops, network, internet, phones, user support, and escalations, all backed by an SLA, for a fixed monthly fee.  

Managed Network Operations Ctr. ( NOC)

Cloudskope monitors thousands of connected network devices, quickly resolve any issues and ensure each of the devices are functioning smoothly. Under the constant supervision of our IT experts, all these NOCs work seamlessly and securely 24/7.

What's included in our managed services?

Response Times
Endpoint, Server, Network

why cloudskope managed services?

Cloudskope has a reputation for doing things different, on purpose.
Our approach to managed services isn't about billable hours, or filling a quota.

We bring you the top 5% of talent, resources, on-site services and the benefit of being a top cybersecurity firm which allows us to not just mangage your systems but protect them 24/7.  

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the top 5% of talent-every time

We have a very thorough vetting process that allows us to hire and retain the best talent in the industry. We look for people that have the right blend of experience, qualifications, and communication skills.


cybersecurity expertise

We hire people with diverse backgrounds, train them, learn from them and then apply that collective to our engagements, because it allows us to provide the best objective advice and solutions to our clients'challenges and projects.


deep industry experience

We have athorough understanding of our client's operating environments, regulations and understand their deadlines, workflows and sense of urgecy.


accountabiity +integrity

Our clients rely on our teams with their systems and data, and they expect us to be availalbe, take ownership and act with the utmost integrity at all times. Cloudskope is known for its accountability, integrity and customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about managed services

There are a lot of misconceptions about Managed Services
The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the topic. 

what is a managed service?

Managed Services is the practice of being responsivle for the proactive management, maintenance, monitoring of IT and cybersecurity functions and processes on an ongoing retained basis.

what are the key benefits of managed services?

There are several benefits of switching to a managed services model, including:

Managed Services end up costing less than break-fix support when you take into account the downtime and reactive nature of support in break-fix.

Managed Services allow in-house IT staff to focus on more longer-term projects than having to worry about daily maintenance and and triage.

Due to the proactive element of Managed Services, cybersecurity, disaster recovery and protection against ransomware are typically better than in a break-fix model.

what if we already have an in-house it support staff?

That is no problem. A lot of our clients have an internal IT department that handles their day-to-day IT problems.

We become an extention of that team, and your business and provide IT consulting and support whenever you need it.

does it include any products?

Yes. Managed Service Providers typically bundle the hardware, management, endpoint protectton and .tools into their pricing in an " As-a-Service" model.

why are managed services better?

Managed Services converts the break-fix model of managing IT and cybersecurity to a predictable, proactive approach. Typically, managed services result in better reliability, less downtime and better user experience.

don't managed services cost more than break-fix support?

No.  While break-fix support may sound cheaper, problem like data loss, ransomware, and downtime cost tangile money and typically remain unaccounted for. The second issue is that break-fix support is completely unpredictable in terms of cost and is usually billed by the hour.

Managed Services are billed as a fixed-fee and are all-inclusive and therefore become a fixed predicable bill every month.

how are managed services priced?

Typically, there are three ways an MSP may price their mangaed service offering:

1. PER USER    - A monthly cost per user- All inclusive

2. PER ASSET - Billed by the number of device

3. BLENDED   _ Billed as a combination of user and device.

how do you pick a managed service provider?

Try to pick a service provider that has experience in your industry.

Ensure that the managed service provider discloses all their fees up-front to avoid billing surpises and breaks in SLA's.

Be cautious when a provider tells you there is an upcharge for after-hours support or services.

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