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Business Transformation

Cloudskope undertakes a complete digital transformation for a real-estate company in texas

A leading real-estate company in Austin, Texas was getting badly affected by the pandemic and losing market share to Zillow and Redfin.
Cloudksope implements a Digital Transformation for a Real Estate company in Austin, TX


A top real-esate company in Austin was losing market share to Zillow and Redfin radpidly depite being a strong local player for over a decade. Their hunch was that it was due to a large budget and reach of Zillow and Online brokers and needed solutions.


The Cloudksope Customer Experience Consulting teams mapped out the existing customer journey and engagement models that the client had in place to analyze the gaps.

The assessment included:

  • Journey mapping of the entire client journey from quote to cash.
  • A view into google analytics, marketing funnels and the broker, inspection, close lifecycle.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the industry changes related to the real-estate market and its effect on the clients business.

We realized that while the client was providing a highly niche and personalized experience to its local customers, the pandemic shifted how people buy and view properties to an almost fully digital experience.


The Cloudkope team helped the client transform its process, customer acquisition and workflows and blended them into the exisiting value proposition to rapidly regain market share and create a one-of-a-kind product.

  • Transformed all photo collections via Matterport cameras to enable virtual tours
  • Digitized lead-generation and capture via a deep integration with Hubspot
  • Transformed all visits to virtual via Google Duo
  • Digitized and transformed all internal workflows to a tablet based application to allow field agents to quickly transition to close.

Profits are up by 18% within the first quarter after adoption. The final result of this highly valuable project was a completely redesigned product, brand and experience for home-buyers and commercial clients by allowing them to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing buyers journey.