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Business Transformation

Cloudskope helps a medical practice increase revenue and collections by 120% in 60 days.

Smile Bar Dallas reboots their business operations, and increases profitability.
Dr. Parihan Tamkin, DDS.


After having been in business for 18 months, the Smile Bar Dallas has stagnated revenue, and a procedure to collections aging of over 90 days. While the clinical processes of the practice were working efficiently, it was that operations, finance and collections needed attention.


The Cloudksope Business Transformation Team followed a holistic audit of the practice focused on the following key areas:

  • Performed a comprehensive financial audit, including CAC, TTM, Aging time, CER and others.
  • Performed a comprehensive audit of the busines operations, including operating costs, HR, Procurement and Vendor Management.
  • Performed a comprehensive analysis of patient cohorts, product based revenue and cohort based revenue against market demographics.

After careful consideration, it was decided the business would undertake an administrative shut down for 10 days while we helped them through a reboot across the business operations.


The Sime Bar Dallas re-opened after a staff re-organization, with procedures and practices in place to help them succed. The includes:

  • A compelte AGILE transformation of the operations, including daily huddles, and KPI's
  • A completely new insurance system that allowed revenue operations to proceed within 24 hours of patient appointments ( as oppsed to 90+ days previously)
  • A completely new customer acquisiting strategy including marketing, PPC, and new product lines.
  • A compete staff and responsibility reorganization resulting in greater employee and client satisfaction.
  • A new patient intake and exit procedure that is resulting in greater efficiency of operations and an increase in the quality of revenue and LTV.
  • A newly launched and integrated analytics platform- DentalIntel
Full Analytics powered by Dental Intel

The Smile Bar Dallas continue to grow revenue, improve operations and is on their way to have a record quarter.