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Business Transformation

Cloudskope helps a medical practice increase revenue and collections by 120% in 60 days.

Smile Bar Dallas reboots their business operations, and increases profitability.
Dr. Parihan Tamkin, DDS.


After being in business for 18 months, Smile Bar Dallas has stagnated revenue and a procedure for collections aging of over 90 days. While the clinical processes of the practice were working efficiently, operations, finance, and collections needed attention.


The Cloudksope Business Transformation Team followed a holistic audit of the practice focused on the following key areas:

  • We performed a comprehensive financial audit, including CAC, TTM, Aging time, CER, and others.
  • We performed a comprehensive audit of the business operations, including operating costs, HR, Procurement, and Vendor Management.
  • We comprehensively analyzed patient cohorts, product-based revenue, and cohort-based revenue against market demographics.

After careful consideration, it was decided that the business would undertake an administrative shutdown for ten days while we helped them through a reboot across the business operations.


The Smile Bar Dallas re-opened after a staff reorganization, with procedures and practices in place to help them succeed. The includes:

  • A complete AGILE transformation of the operations, including daily huddles and KPIs
  • A completely new insurance system that allowed revenue operations to proceed within 24 hours of patient appointments ( as opposed to 90+ days previously)
  • A new customer acquisition strategy, including marketing, PPC, and new product lines.
  • A complete staff and responsibility reorganization resulting in greater employee and client satisfaction.
  • A new patient intake and exit procedure that is resulting in greater efficiency of operations and an increase in the quality of revenue and LTV.
  • A newly launched and integrated analytics platform- DentalIntel

Full Analytics powered by Dental Intel

The Smile Bar Dallas continues to grow revenue, improve operations and is on its way to have a record quarter.