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Customer Experience

Cloudskope re-designs customer experience funnels for a top financial firm, resulting in 70% less churn in one quarter

A financial firm was worried about their customer churn and needed a way to engage with their customers, understand feedback and be able to take corrective action before losing revenue.


A top financial consulting and audit firm in Dallas had been in business for 30 years and served a niche clientele in the Mcdonald's community. They needed a better gauge of customer sentiment and had never considered understanding their customer experience journeys.


The Cloudksope Customer Experience Consulting teams mapped out the existing customer journey and engagement models that the client had in place to analyze the gaps.

The assessment included the following:

  • Journey mapping of the entire client journey from quote to cash.
  • A comprehensive CX customer audit and interviews with each customer cohort.
  • A thorough audit and assessment of the current client workflows, communications, and intake procedures
  • An end-to-end re-design of the workflows, onboarding procedures, communications, and project management.
  • NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys with each customer cohort and account.


The CX audit provided the customer with new insights into the recent client frustrations and identified essential action items.

  • A newly integrated AGILE process and workflow
  • Client Risk reports across each business unit and revenue stream
  • The integration and collaboration of all business units involved in servicing customers on a unified Salesforce platform.
  • Reset all the communication procedures, ownership, and accountability of each business unit.


The final result of this important project was a better insight into customer experience, workflows, and patterns of triggers for customer churn. The client retention, perception, and accounts receivables had a positive impact across the board, including the prevention of lifecycle churn.