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Cyber-Risk and Governance

Cloudskope enables a large healthcare provider to strenghthen their Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance

The nation's largest private imaging provider navigates HIPAA, reduces malpractice risk, and achieves cyber resilience across 24 states and 75 locations.

HIPAA and Cyber Risk Program for Mammography and Radiology Group

Despite previous risk assessments and programs, the client suffered multiple HIPAA breaches and had real visibility into their Enterprise Risk Posture for HIPAA. 

With an impending OIG audit, with possible fines of up to 2M for continued risk, time was of the essence.


CloudSkope’s NIST and HIPAA Risk Assessment immediately identified the Physical, Clinical, Administrative, and Technical risks at every site. Using prioritized checklists of remediation, the team quickly resolved the most critical areas of risk within the first 90 days, with measured improvements.


Today, the solution put in place by CloudSkope, enables the client to get a wide lens into their risk at each site, allowing them to mitigate issues before they become reportable breaches. Greater visibility also means reduced operational risk and a more efficient − and therefore more competitive − operation.